Smart Board Manager

Lock your smartboard, show educational images on break time and manage the lesson...


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Smart Board Manager

Lock your smart board at break time, unlock with teacher usb unlocker. Use smartboard efficiently...

Educational Image Sets

Display educational image sets during break time and teach something more with amazing and enjoyable images...

Teacher Presentations

Manage smart board presentations and make lessons productive.

Weekly Student Reports

Create reports about homeworks, guidance, student behaviours and more.

Publish Your Content

Create and publish your content on udecat store and make money.

Create amazing presentations

Create your presentations and reach the on classroom.


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  • Customer Testimonails

    Students were playing games and were wathing videos while there is no teacher in classroom. Now we are locking the screen easily and show our messages to students.

    Mary Landorf Doe Schools
  • Customer Testimonails

    We are showing educational image sets at recreation times and this makes our students more informed what we want

    Lorrin Nales Coll
  • Customer Testimonails

    Roll call is now very easy for us. No paper, no sign. Teacher, lesson and students; everthing is ready, only selected the absent students...

    Mary Jane Abjan Schools
  • Customer Testimonails

    Ready presentation sets are very useful. Our teachers now use ready documents for the lesson without any workload, so they can concentrate on the sentences to narrate.

    Steve Trander Mran Lang. Courses
  • Customer Testimonails

    We are using Smart Board Manager and the presentation sets to make a standardized education to our stundets. Thanks...

    Jamie Morrison Stune Courses
  • Customer Testimonails

    My USB my board. This is very impressive and very useful for teachers.

    Clan Taed Tutlus
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